providing a Range of ROV Services



SeaVeyors diving services are headed by SeaVeyors president Darren Horler, who is a WCB certified Occupational Commercial Diver since 2002. He has extensive experience as a Dive Supervisor in charge of all operation, in accordance with Work Safe BC regulations. Darren has been working in environmental and research diving techniques since 2002.

SeaVeyors takes into account several factors, including water depth, bottom conditions, safety, whether or not a live video feed is required and the scope of work to be accomplished to determine whether SCUBA, Surface Supply or ROV services are appropriate for the task.

SeaVeyors has a select pool of Work Safe BC Certified diving associates. Based on their individual skill sets, dive team members are chosen to best suit the needs of our clients.

SeaVeyors is equipped with the necessary tools and employees to provide surface supply diving when needed.

We’ll advise you as to whether your project can be completed with divers alone or if an ROV is better suited to the task.

  • Scientific Research Surveys
  • Environmental Surveys
  • Specimen Collection
  • Search and Recovery Operations
  • General Dock and Moorings Maintenance
    – adding or replacing flotation and topside repairs, general underwater dock maintenance of anchor gear and pilings, application of protective coatings and zinc replacement, general maintenance for mooring, marking or navigational buoys anchoring systems
  • Pressure Washing
    – underwater pressure washing of net pens, floats and docks with our custom made high pressure industrial pressure washer, topside pressure washing services
    – underwater tug, barge & vessel cleaning to increase fuel efficiency and eliminate unnecessary time at drydock or at shore for lengthy cleaning routines while meeting required WCB guidelines