providing a Range of ROV Services

ROV Operations

We Provide a Range of ROV Services

ROV’s are Fast, Safe & Flexible

When using divers is not feasible, our compact Seabotix ROV (LBV300S2) can be used in remote and or difficult to access areas.

SeaVeyors ROV is piloted by Darren Horler, president of SeaVeyors.

Darren’s ROV experience in piloting our Seabotix ROV model LBV300S2 and his scuba diving proficiency provides our customers with an underwater visual skill set that enhances ROV results.

SeaVeyors ROV is a very portable and capable solution in meeting the needs of our clients. It can operate in depths up to 300 metres (1,000ft) with 450 metres (1,476ft) of small diameter fiber optic umbilical. The pilot sits topside, using the integrated control console (controller, power supply and monitor) to control the ROV through the umbilical.

Our Seabotix LBV300S2 is fitted with a high resolution color zoom camera and a wide angle color camera. Fiber optics provides a crystal clear picture over the longer umbilical length. Each camera offers 270┬║ field of view, and has manual focus controls. Tracking the wide angle color camera is a high intensity LED lighting array with variable intensity. For use in conditions requiring additional light, our ROV is also fitted with variable intensity external lighting.

Our Seabotix ROV features include:

  • A three jaw grabber enabling retrieval of both large and small objects.
  • A USBL tracking system which is interfaced with a GPS that enables the operator to keep track of the ROV during operations.
  • A pair of lasers that track with the primary camera. Set at 50mm apart, the lasers project a pair of dots that can be used to estimate size.

Our ROV services include:

  • Environmental Surveys and Monitoring
  • Scientific Surveys
  • Habitat Surveys
  • Search and Recovery
  • Anchor and Mooring Surveys and Inspections
  • Insurance Related Surveys
  • Outfall and Intake Inspections
  • Reservoir and Dam Inspections
  • Marine Accident Investigations and Recovery
  • Biological Sampling and Specimen Collection
  • General Equipment and Infrastructure Inspections
  • Other aquatic and marine ROV surveys as our clients may require


Please contact us if you require more information or wish to inquire about a service that is not listed. We are located on Vancouver Island and BC’s Sunshine Coast, but┬átravel wherever our services are needed.



Middle Bay Sustainable Aquaculture Institute contracted SeaVeyors to fulfill the Provincial Government requirement for an ROV baseline survey at its commercial pilot site near Campbell River, BC.

We are pleased with the results that SeaVeyors provided and we look forward to working with SeaVeyors in the future.

Robert Walker
Director of Operations,
Middle Bay Sustainable Aquaculture Institute