Founded in 2006, SeaVeyors provides the skills and experience necessary for a wide variety of marine services.

Our aim is to provide the right people in the right place with the right tools and equipment allow us to deliver cost effective solution to you.

SeaVeyors Environmental & Marine Services Ltd. was incorporated in 2006 by Ken Wing and Darren Horler.

Earning the confidence and loyalty of our customers through the delivery of quality services is our key focus. Investments in research and development; along with the ongoing training of our team of experienced experts allow us to deliver on our promise.

Throughout the entire process we believe it is critical to provide and maintain a safe working environment resulting in zero occupational injuries and illnesses.

Subsea Services

Inspection, Repair, Maintenance, Excavation and Construction are carried out with various types of equipment and systems including Surface Supply and Scuba Diving as well as ROVs [Remotely Operated Vehicle]

Ken was a long time commercial fisherman and Darren was a well skilled commercial diver. While on an annual herring spawn survey Ken and Darren started planning the future of SeaVeyors. The result is a world class ROV and Diving company that uniquely services needs of the marine industry.

Ken’s contract with the Herring Conservation Society to conduct herring dive spawn surveys was the catalyst that led to discussions of future business possibilities. It became apparent that by combining their individual resources and skillsets, Ken and Darren could form an ROV and Diving company that would serve the needs of the marine industry.

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We are ready to work anywhere that our services are needed, with Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and Coastal British Columbia as our home region.