All of our staff and associates are professional, experienced and passionate in their related fields of expertise.

Darren Horler

Partner / Manager / ROV Pilot

Darren is the president of SeaVeyors. He’s a WCB certified Occupational Diver, a commercial diver since 2002 and operating ROV’s since 2006.

Darren is an industry leader in the commercial diving industry. He has a proven track record of providing comprehensive services to a wide variety of clients including scientific research diving performing herring spawn dive surveys. Under his experienced leadership, SeaVeyors offers a full slate of underwater services.

SeaVeyors is committed to providing each client with the best possible return on investment.

Ken Wing

Commercial Fisherman & Businessman

Ken Wing is a commercial fisherman operating his own fishing business for 36 years. Additionally Ken was a partner in an oyster aquaculture farming business for 10 years. Ken has sat on various Boards and Committees related to the fishing and aquaculture industries. He is also a past Board member of the Sunshine Coast Community Futures Development Corporation.