Ḵ̓wax̱wa̱lawadi, Echo Bay Marina & Lodge

When this historic site on the BC coast was purchased by new owners, we initially engaged with them to conduct an anchor survey and supply a simple location diagram. However, it quickly became apparent that these new owners needed more help.

The famous, floating Echo Bay Lodge needed new floatation supports in some spots, and had old structures that needed to be removed for safety concerns, in addition to needing an entirely new anchoring system. The new owners were slightly overwhelmed by the scope of the work needing to be done, and they didn’t have the staff on hand to help coordinate this project on top of the day-to-day running of the Lodge. Our team jumped into action to provide the additional support that was needed.

We came up with a plan to coordinate with a crew we already had in the area on another job, and offset client costs by sharing their accommodations. In addition, we linked in with an aquaculture client who helped us bring in a large crane to assist with anchor placement, which sped up the job considerably.

Overall, this project took over a month to complete with a two-person crew, the results being new floatation supports added, two old and damaged piers removed, and the lodge securely anchored and correctly placed. By utilizing resources already at hand, we were able to keep disruption to the Echo Bay community to a minimum while keeping costs as low as possible for the new owners.

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