On the Sunshine Coast of BC, near Earl’s Cove, we successfully completed a dual-environmental survey at a private residence which planned on installing a new dock. These surveys are critical for both companies and private owners as a part of the permits and approvals process when looking to install new docks or moorage.

This project utilized one of our Seabotix ROV’s as well as our custom-built SeaVeyor IV vessel. Underwater transects were flown at 10m intervals over the proposed dock site, moving from deep water into the shoreline. Each transect was digitally recorded for analysis. Photos of the terrestrial area were also obtained, and the crew conducted a riparian survey. Both of these surveys were completed in one day.

Back at our office in Black Creek, the underwater video footage was analyzed. Our team concluded that there would be no negative impacts to the benthic environment or any sensitive habitat by installing a dock in that location. The survey and final report were carried out by our in-house Environmental Assessment Biologist Luke Denbigh and Environmental Technician Chris Boldt.