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The SeaVeyors Team

Darren Horler

Partner / General Manager

Darren is the president of SeaVeyors. He’s a WCB certified Occupational Diver, a commercial diver since 2002 and operating ROV’s since 2006. Darren is an industry leader in the commercial diving industry. He has a proven track record of providing comprehensive services to a wide variety of clients including scientific research diving performing herring spawn dive surveys. Under his experienced leadership, SeaVeyors offers a full slate of underwater services.

Ken Wing

Partner / Commercial Fisherman

Ken Wing is a commercial fisherman operating his own fishing business for over 35 years. Additionally, Ken was a partner in an oyster aquaculture farming business for 10 years. Ken has sat on various Boards and Committees related to the fishing and aquaculture industries. He is also a past Board member of the Sunshine Coast Community Futures Development Corporation.

Luke Denbigh

Manager / Environmental Assessment Biologist

Luke moved from the UK to Canada in 2009 and worked as an interpretive wilderness guide before beginning his consulting career in 2011. Luke graduated his Environmental Management degree with honors in 2005 and is a registered biological technologist with the College of Applied Biology in British Columbia. He has extensive experience assessing the environmental impacts associated with aquaculture sites, intakes, outfalls and docks as well as environmental management.


After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Natural Resource Protection in 2020, Chris began his career in the field of natural resource consultation and survey. He holds a broad understanding of local waters and is proficient in comprehensive data collection, analysis, reporting and presentation.


Milynda has been diving with us since 2021. Her work ethic is second to none, and her continual drive to exceed client expectations are sure to impress.


Tyrell is one of our powerhouse dive supervisors. He has been with us since 2019 and has proven himself an invaluable member of the team since day one. Having been involved in the industry from an early age, Tyrell’s expertise is multifaceted and built on years of experience.

Seaveyors Land Based HQ at 2330 Macaulay Rd, Black Creek, BC V9J 1B5