Environmental cleanup around remote beacon lights

This ongoing project spans the entire BC coast, regularly presenting challenges to our commercial dive team in remote marine environments, strong currents, and adverse weather conditions.

Historically, marine navigation beacons used energy sources that, upon reaching the end of their usefulness, were no longer needed. However, these spent energy sources sometimes ended up in the ocean, resulting in them settling on the ocean floor near these remote beacons. Our divers meticulously search the area around navigation beacons, often in challenging conditions, as part of an environmental cleanup effort.

When an energy source is found, it is safely extracted and brought back to land for appropriate disposal. Additionally, sediment and water samples are collected from the recovery site and processed aboard our purpose-built dive boat. Data is carefully gathered and stored for future analysis. Video recordings are also taken and reviewed at SeaVeyors headquarters by our in-house Environmental Assessment Biologist.

The initial phase of this project took us to Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island, as well as north to the Kitimat and Prince Rupert areas, with a four-person dive team and representatives from the BC government and our client. Our team eagerly anticipates continuing this important environmental cleanup work, contributing to the preservation of our BC coastline, one energy source at a time.

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