This is an ongoing project that has spread over the entirety of the BC coast, And tests our commercial dive team regularly with remote marine environments, strong currents and adverse weather conditions.

Historically, dead batteries from marine navigation beacons were tossed into the ocean instead of being properly discarded. Hundreds of these batteries are still settled on the ocean floor near the remote beacons. Our divers meticulously search the area immediately around a navigation beacon, often in less-than-desirable conditions, looking for these 50lb batteries.

When a battery is found, it is safely removed and brought back to land for proper disposal. In addition, sediment and water samples are taken from the recovery site and processed on our purpose-built dive boat. Data is collected and stored for future analysis. Video recordings are also captured, and analyzed back at SeaVeyors headquarters by our in-house Environmental Assessment Biologist.

The first leg of this project brought us to Tofino, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, as well as north to the Kitimat and Prince Rupert areas, with a four-person dive team and representatives from the BC government as well as our client. Our crew is looking forward to continuing this important work into the future, helping to clean up our BC coastline, one battery at a time.