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Clients choose us because of our safe, cost effective and rapid methods while being available 24hrs a day.

Commercial Diving Services

We offer a wide variety of diving services. When called upon SeaVeyors deploys an elite team of Work Safe BC Certified divers at the ready 24 hrs a day to provide fast and cost effective solutions for your marine requirements . Based on their individual skill sets, dive team members are chosen to best suit the requirements of our clients. Additionally SeaVeyors is equipped with the necessary tools and employees to provide surface supply diving as required.

SeaVeyors takes into account several factors, including water depth, bottom conditions, safety, whether or not a live video feed is required and the scope of work to be accomplished to determine whether SCUBA, Surface Supply or ROV services are appropriate for the task.

Our diving services include:

Our Scientific Research Survey services includeSpawn deposition, Species abundance and distribution, Vegetation/bottom surveys along with Sample and species collection.

SeaVeyors has been involved with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans DFO herring spawn surveys since 2004. Our team has a deep understanding of the Herring Span Monitoring process survey process.

Ken Wing and his dive team have been contracted by the Herring Conservation & Research Society for a period of five years to perform annual herring spawn surveys in the Gulf of Georgia.In each of these years Ken Wing and his dive team have performed their tasks professionally and in accordance with established guidelines and safety requirements, as set out by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.The team’s high standards and quality of data collected has been appreciated by the Society and we would not hesitate to use their services in the future.Lorena HamerHerring Conservation & Research Society

Underwater pressure washing of net pens, floats and docks with our custom made high pressure industrial pressure washer, topside pressure washing services, underwater tug, barge & vessel cleaning to increase fuel efficiency and eliminate unnecessary time at dry-dock or at shore for lengthy cleaning routines while meeting required WCB guidelines.

Environmental Services

Our extensive environmental services expertise includes Aquaculture Surveys, Baseline Surveys, Peak Biomass Surveys, Habitat and Environmental Impact Assessment.

When a site is at peak biomass, the government requires a 3rd party surveyor to come in and perform a Video Survey with an ROV on a hard bottom site and a Sediment Sample Survey on a soft bottom site. Our tracking system and laser scale allows us to produce surveys that are compliant with government requirements

Maintenance & Inspections

We offer maintenance and inspection services including Outfall Inspection, Underwater Pressure Washing, Fouling Removal, Reservoirs & Dams, General Equipment, Structural Inspections and Anchor & Mooring. (adding or replacing flotation and topside repairs, general underwater dock maintenance of anchor gear and pilings, application of protective coatings and zinc replacement, general maintenance for mooring, marking or navigational buoys anchoring systems)

Marine Research

Our Marine Research Services include Scientific Research and extensive experience in Biological Sampling

Search & Recovery

We Provide a Range of Search & Recovery Services

SeaVeyors search and recovery operations begin with a survey performed with our ROV utilizing GPS tracking technology and video recording. A comprehensive recovery plan of the objects, based our years of experience and best practices methodologies is created, approved and implemented.

Smaller objects can be recovered immediately using on hand equipment. Objects larger then 600lbs need larger lifting equipment to assist our ROV.

Our ROV is equipped with a grabber arm to enable recoveries using appropriate techniques. In shallow water, diving is also an option. In the case of large and heavy objects the equipment necessary for recovery operations is sub-contracted or provided by the client.

When searching large items such as planes and boats, we use sounding equipment along with our ROV to locate the objects. The ROV is deployed to search the area in a pre-determined pattern and produces a visual record while recording the GPS location of the found object, which can then be used to facilitate recovery.